• Blue Rose Gallery FUNDRAISER SHIRT
  • Blue Rose Gallery FUNDRAISER SHIRT


This t-shirt collaboration between B Anele, Emma Kohlmann and Mundus is a fundraiser for Blue Rose Gallery, based in Houston, Texas.

100% of the proceeds go directly to Blue Rose to help support the overhead costs of the space!

The following excerpt is written by one of its founders B. Anele

"Blue Rose Gallery is a black & queer run, black wall exhibition/project space intended for concentration on inspiration, exploration, and expansion.
The gallery has been functioning as of early Spring 2021 and has since featured a multitude of black, POC, queer, and outsider artists. The space serves as a communal resource for the tangible experience of the results of inspiration and creativity.
The black walls serve as a permanent aspect referring to the unfathomable, mystical depth inevitably entangled within both the existence and meaning of blackness. In this way, the space itself is a testament to the necessity of exploration known as creation." - B. Anele

Blue Rose Gallery is located on:
2108 Common Street
Houston, Texas